Life inside the Marianne av Göteborg: the journey to Gaza

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In a boat, sailing somewhere in the Atlantic, 9 people have gathered sharing one goal: lifting the 9 year long, inhuman Israeli siege on Gaza.

We might have different nationalities, interests and backgrounds but the support for the Palestinian cause brought us together.  

Today it’s your turn to join us on this trip and discover the daily life of each activist on The Ship to Gaza Sweden-Norway.

It’s 8.30, and the smell of fresh coffee will lead you into the small and cozy galley, where you’ll find the crew -from both the night and day shifts- gathered around the central small table filled with different dishes for breakfast prepared by our great chef Nils.

After breakfast you walk into Nils’ atelier where all the magic happens. You will find him busy as a bee, smoothly moving around his grand galley, in the middle of Marianne.

Nils is the one who feeds us, always making sure that each one of us is satisfied.

He simply pores his heart and soul in each meal he serves.

As you walk around Marianne, you can’t ignore the sound of the smoothly running engines.

For that we have, Kevin and Henge, our engineers, who work in different shifts,  and make sure the heart of Marianne is functioning correctly in order to keep moving and  reach our destination.

If you run into a man wearing big yellow or grey earphones, it means either Kevin or Henge is heading to one of the two engine rooms, in the bottom of the ship, to check on something .

They always have something to do:  fixing electricity, plumbing, fixing a machine, installing showers… or simply pushing a button.

Wellu is our super sailing man. You can say his job is to do everything. If you need help or information, just ask Wellu, he will come up with a solution, or a good sailing story.

Asa, she is the one who is pretty much responsible of organizing each detail on Marianne.

She is the brain that plans. She will tell you in a motherly kindly tone, that you need to sleep and have some rest in order to be in a good shape for your shift.

And for leading Marianne and keeping us on track, Joel and Charlie, cover the shifts on the bridge: monitoring the radars, radios and navigating, making sure we are in the right place and in no danger.

If they are not sailing, you will find them somewhere around the Marianne, fixing something, to make our journey easier.

Finally, you are lucky to know us the passengers on this leg of the journey. We are the youngest on board and the ones who bring joy on the Marianne. Well, we think that anyways.

I’m Kerstin, I’m the youngest one in the group. I’m trying my best to make Nils’ work easier, and when I’m not busy I’m mostly outside looking at the powerful beautiful sea, which makes me calm and relaxed. Hoping to see some dolphins or just come up with some new thoughts.  But mostly I’m just trying to take orders and omplete my tasks

If you see a woman with a camera hanging around her neck, that means it’s me. My name is Hajer, I’m a journalist. I joined the group in France. I’m trying to illustrate their journey to Gaza by taking photos and writing articles. I want to show you, and other people, how amazing it is to be a part of this humanitarian initiative.

So you, who are reading this article, can now be part of this journey, by spreading the word, and buying nautical mile on our website

We rely on your support to successfully complete our mission to reach Gaza.

Cheers from the team on the Marianne av Goteborg, The Ship to Gaza Sweden- Norway.

From somewhere in the Atlantic  

Friday May 29, 2015

/Hajer M'tırı