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Date: 2015-07-03 - Printed at: 2021-10-26 01:25
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The deportetd Swedes arrive Sunday evening and Monday afternoon

Pressmeddelande Skapad 3/7 2015 kl 11:53

As we earlier informed the remaining captives who was detained after the hijack of the trawler Marianne will be deported in rounds during this coming Sunday and Monday.

We can now announce following flight routes and arrival times:

  • The Russian journalist Nadia Kernovkova will be flown out from the Ben Gurion-airport in Tel Aviv Sunday 5th of July at 19:05 and arrives in Moscow at. 23:25
  • Journalist and writer Kajsa Ekis Ekman and musician and composer Dror Feiler fly out Sunday 5th of July at 3.45PM. This means they will arrive at Stockholm, Arlanda, Terminal 5 at 10.20PM (SK9412) after transfer in Vienna.
  • Able seaman Charlie Andreasson and ship’s cook Jonas Kårlin fly out Sunday 5th of July at 4PM and arrive at Stockholm, Arlanda, Terminal 5 at 10.45PM (SK1606) after transfer in Zürich.
  • Mate Gustav Bergström and captain Joel Opperdoes are scheduled to fly early Monday morning 6th of July 6.30AM landing at Stockholm, Arlanda, terminal 5 at 3.15PM (SK9411) after transfer in Vienna.

At their arrivals (if these flight schedules are kept, the Sunday deportees land nearly the same time) we welcome press to ask questions concerning the flotilla and the hijacking. Press contact is Staffan Granér, media coordinator for Ship to Gaza Sweden.

  • Phone. +46703549687.