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Date: 2015-06-29 - Printed at: 2021-10-26 02:21
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Protest from Swedish foreign office after Ship to Gaza hijacking

Pressmeddelande Skapad 29/6 2015 kl 23:47

Foreign Ministry of Sweden informs [1] they have presented a protest against Israel as a result of the boarding of Ship to Gaza fishing trawler Marianne while travelling through international waters on it’s way to Gaza.

“Granted the information we have been given, the Israeli navy intervention took place on international waters. According to law it’s only the flag State, in this case Sweden, who is allowed to act against another ship on international waters. Sweden has expressed their opinion on the event to Israel”, says Veronica Nordlund, Foreign Ministry press office, to Dagens Nyheter (Swedish Daily News). She adds:
”We require consular access to contact the passengers at the ship”.

Veronica Nordlund highlights the importance that Israel terminate the blockade of Gaza:
”The situation is alarming and Sweden consider the opening the border checks being important”, says Veronica Nordlund.