Buy Nautical Miles

How do we maintain Ship to Gaza as a person-to-person action,  when we´re not collecting shoes, rice or soap, but rather looking to provide sophisticated equipment, in order to enable the people of Gaza to produce their own drinking water and electricity, and to repair the damages caused by war?

The solution is simple: We sell nautical miles. The distance from Scandinavia to Gaza is well over 5,000 nautical miles. Selling each mile at 100 Euros would yield a total of 500,000 Euros—enough to cover freight and cargo expenses.

When the ship arrives, a document will be handed over to the people of Gaza, listing each individual, organization and company that has contributed to the successful completion of our mission by purchasing nautical miles.

When you buy a nautical mile, you will receive a numbered, signed and sealed Purchase Certificate with which you can decorate your home, office, shop or place of worship.

A nautical mile, showing solidarity with the confined Gaza population, also makes an excellent gift.

In Sweden, or via a Swedish bank abroad: Transfer 1,000 Swedish crowns (or 100 Euros) for each nautical mile you want to buy to the “Ship to Gaza” account Plusgirokonto 46359-6. Indicate “sjömil” (Swedish for nautical mile) on the message line, and add your name and address, and we will send the bill of sale to you.

From abroad, or via a foreign bank: Use SWIFT: NDEASESS, IBAN: SE92 9500 0099 6026 0046 3596.

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