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In an interview for Jerusalem Post, the Freedom Flotilla III passenger and Ship to Gaza spokesperson Dror Feiler tells about the aim of the flotilla and the attempt to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Dror is born and raised in Israel and he has also served in the Israeli army.

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The Israeli paper Israel Hayom declares Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs director-general Dore Gold has written a letter to the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in protest against the Freedom Flotilla (including Ship to Gaza) and their attempt to break the Israeli blockade against Gaza. Gold writes:

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June 24, 2015
To Margot Wallström, foreign Minister of Sweden

Dear Ms Foreign Minister,

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Initially the Israeli Prime Minister was forced to comment on the report from OHCHR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) which states the fact that Israel as well as Hamas has made them selves guilty of crimes against the human rights during the war in Gaza last summer.

During his speech before supporters of the party in Jerusalem, Netanyahu claims the report is prejudicial and that the UN organ doesn't advocate any human rights.

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Dr Basel Ghattas, Knesset member for the Balad Party, will be a passenger at Freedom Flottila III. He has also written a letter to Israeli Prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defence Moshe Ya'alon stating that the attempt of the flottila is to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza and provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. He also states that "there is no reason to prevent us from reaching Gaza".

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Around 10 pm Friday, Ship to Gaza's trawler Marianne of Gothenburg left the port of Messina at the east coast of Sicilia and sailed out on to the Ionian sea through the strait of Messina.

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Ship to Gaza's fishing ship "Marianne of Gothenbug" has reached the city of Messina, Sicilia. Messina will be the last stop before the ship joins the Freedom Flottila at sea and takes part in the joint effort to sail to Gaza. Among the Freedom flottila crew you find the Swedish journalist Kajsa Ekis-Ekman and the Canadian scholar Robert "Bob" Lovelace, a life-long activist in the movements for the Indigenous peoples' rights.

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On June 15th, ca 4 PM, the trawler Marianne av Göteborg, will be welcomed in Palermo in Sicily, Italy at the port of Cala. At 6 PM there will be a possibility for interested to meet the crew and passengers.