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Answer to question 2017/18: 1551 by Jeannette Escanilla (Swedish Left party)

Ship to Gaza

Jeannette Escanilla has asked me what I intend to do to emphasise how serious Sweden treats the Israeli blockade against Gaza, and how I will take action to prevent Israel of boarding and acting abusive during the journey of Ship to Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is critical, and the European Union, including Sweden, work actively for

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Question put by Swedish member of parlament Jeannette Escanilla of the left party to the foreign minister Margot Wallström. In July this year three boats are sailing towards Gaza with the goal to break the illegal blockade carried out by Israel. The flotilla is bringing not only necessities, but also hope and solidarity to the people of Gaza. Ship to Gaza Sweden is once again taking part in organizing this journey and several Swedish citizens will be amongst the crew onboard the boats.

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Israel has asked Cyprus to examine the possibility of establishing a shipping point on the island for sending goods to the Gaza Strip, a Cypriot government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Both Egypt and Israel restrict movement across Gaza’s land borders as well. The United Nations has called for a freer flow of goods into Gaza, where most Palestinians live in poverty.

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Kära Palestina vänner, Gazas vänner!

Få kan väl ha undgått att mötas av nyheterna från Gaza de senaste veckorna. Civila Palestinier som fredligt demonstrerat vid gränsen under namnet The Great Gaza March - mot den illegala och inhumana blockaden och för sina basala mänskliga rättigheter och som attackerats, skadats och dödats av Israels militärt tränade prickskyttar.

Vänner! Blockaden mot Gaza är inne på sitt 12:te år! Hur länge ska denna orättvisa fortgå? Hur länge ska Israel bryta mot internationell rätt utan att ställas inför rätta?

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Today, saturday 15th of july, there is a naming ceremony connected to Ship to Gazas activities at the guest harbour of Gothenburg, next to the opera house.

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This summer, Ship to Gaza has planned two tours by boat and caravan to travel around and visit places around southern Sweden. Both to inform about next year's campaign Armada for Gaza, about the work of the organization and how to contribute and get involved in ending the siege on Gaza.

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2/7 2017 at 17:00 until 19:00
Event Place: Halmstad Show map
ABF, Bolmensgatan 11, Halmstad

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Välkomna på informationsmöte om 2018 års kampanj -

Ship to Gaza startar sin sommarturne i Halmstad, kom och hör om nästa års aktion och hur du kan bidra och engagera dig för att häva blockaden av Gaza! 

Tid: Söndag 2 juli kl. 17.00
Plats: ABF, Bolmensgatan 11, Halmstad
Arrangörer: Ship to Gaza och Palestinagruppen i samarbete med ABF

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Note: Correct adress for prior notfikation to Press Conference is or call Staffan Granér att +46703549687

  • Förstakammarsalen, Parliament house, Stockholm  17/5, Kl. 10-15
  • Press Conference in Förstakammarsalen  at 15.30

Meet among others:

Mairead Maguire: Peace activist and Nobel peace Prize laureate from Northern Ireland that sailed on Women's Boat to Gaza in 2016.