UNDP funds new nets for Gaza fishermen

News Created 9/6 2015 at 05:57

The remote Swedish Village in the far south of the Gaza Strip is home to some 95 households living under extreme poverty. The Village, built by the Swedish Government in the 1960s, suffers from poor infrastructure and inappropriate living conditions tolerated by its 700 inhabitants, who live on less than $US1 per day.

“We have grown so poor that I cannot buy fishing nets anymore. They are too expensive. I can hardly provide daily food, send my children to school or get appropriate medical care,” said Kamel Abu Odah, a 50-year-old fisherman with a family of eight and a long-time resident of the Swedish Village.

Abu Odah, who used to earn $250 to $350 a month, now benefits from a $4,000 in-kind grant of fishing nets, provided by UNDP’s Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Programme (DEEP).

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