Swedish foreign minister answers Escanilla about Gaza and the campaign

News Created 5/7 2018 at 08:57

Answer to question 2017/18: 1551 by Jeannette Escanilla (Swedish Left party)

Ship to Gaza

Jeannette Escanilla has asked me what I intend to do to emphasise how serious Sweden treats the Israeli blockade against Gaza, and how I will take action to prevent Israel of boarding and acting abusive during the journey of Ship to Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is critical, and the European Union, including Sweden, work actively for

the Gaza isolation to be lifted and the occupation ceased. The government has

consistently presented to Israel that border crossings, unconditionally and immediately must be opened - and kept open - for humanitarian aid,

commodities, persons and donors. It is crucial to allow humanitarian

aid to be brought in to Gaza. This is something Sweden will continue

working for.

Sweden protects the principle of freedom of the sea and the right for shipping. The Swedish government is in contact with the Israeli government regarding the planned Ship to

Gaza this summer.

Stockholm, July 4, 2018

Margot Wallström