Swedish and Palestinian musicians holds concert for peace in Gaza city tonight

News Created 20/11 2013 at 16:10

This evening Swedish musicians will perform with the project Gaza Singing for Peace. The performance takes place at seven o’clock at the Hotel Almat’haf Gaza Palestine.

Tonight’s performance is the result of cooperation between the Swedish organization Music Against Violence and the Palestinian organization Safe Youth Future through the project Gaza Singing for Peace. The objective of this project is to create a multicultural choir – with members of different nationalities and religions – to signal that peaceful coexistence, regardless of cultural or religious background, is the only way forward. So far it has not been possible to establish any cooperation in Israel – and when the Swedish musicians earlier this year performed in Ramallah and Jerusalem local Palestinian artists were prevented from joining as they were not given permission by the Israeli authorities.  

In Gaza tonight, it will therefore be the first time they perform together on stage. The hope is that they during the coming spring will do more concerts together in Sweden.