Ship to Gaza Swedens first boat named after peace activist Mairead Maguire

News Created 21/7 2017 at 00:35

Today, saturday 15th of july, there is a naming ceremony connected to Ship to Gazas activities at the guest harbour of Gothenburg, next to the opera house.

Ship to Gazas first boat will be named Mairead after the peace activist Mairead Maguire.   In the beginning of june Ship to Gaza got the opportunity to buy the first boat for the 2018 campaign, Armada for Gaza, a sailing boat of the model  Albin Ballad, nine meters long containing five berths.   So why do we name the boat after Mairead Maguire?   Maguire is a well known and highly renowned peace activist from Northern Ireland, and winner of the Nobel peace prize in 1976.  The prize was awarded to Mairead and her companion, founder of the organization "Women for peace" later called "Community for peace people",  and their admirable work for a peaceful solution of the conflict on Northern Ireland.   Maguire have for a long time critizised Israel and worked for justice for the Palestinian people. In 2010 she participated in the first Freedom Flotilla  on the boat Rachel Corrie. In 2011 she participated in the second Freedom Flotilla when only one boat managed to sail towards Gaza. Last year, 2016,  she was one of the 13 women on board "Womens boat to Gaza".   Connected to the aming ceremony we received a personal greeting from Mairead Maguire:

Dear friends,

I wish to send you my love and support for your great work for the freedom of Gaza. The people of Gaza have suffered so much cut off by Israeli government policies from their families and the world. It is time for Israel government to end the siege of Gaza and give peace a chance.

I am honoured that you called the boat after me and know the Gaza Swedish peace activists by their love and commitments give hope to the people of Gaza.



Jeanette Escanilla