“No regret, no surrender, Freedom Flotilla succeeded it’s mission,” -Interview with Basel Ghattas

News Created 1/7 2015 at 11:37

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For member of the Knesset Dr. Basel Ghattas, It is true the Freedom Flotilla III didn’t reach Gaza, “ but it succeeded on its mission, it achieved by large its goals as it showed the entire world how Israelis don’t respect the International law". According to Ghattas, the Freedom Flotilla shed light on the Israeli occupation’s reality and how it turned Gaza to a closed prison.

 “No surrender, let me know when it is the next Freedom Flotilla and I will be the first to participate, it is part of my political duty as a Palestinian living in Israel,” he said.

- Hijack, violence and threats

Explaining how Israelis “hijacked” The Marianne boat, Ghattas said that around 13 Israeli military warship surrounded the boat after midnight on Sunday.

“ One of the warships had a military helicopter on its deck", he stressed.

He said Israeli navy ordered the crew to turn back the boat to where it came from.

“Gaza is our destination, we will not change it, “ was the answer they received from the Captain Joel .

Then, Ghattas said he started negotiating with them for an hour in order to avoid any confrontation or violence.

“We told them you are hijacking the boat, it is a Swedish boat and by attacking it you attack Sweden itself,”

“What you are doing is illegal, you are aggressively attacking us in international water.”

Afterwards, the Israelis soldiers climbed into the boat and took control of it.

They started vocally insulting us, pushing some of us and attacked Swedish activists and they even used electrical teser against the Swedish crew member Charlie Andréasson.

They started interrogating us. The former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki refused to answer approach and said: “What you are doing is illegal and I’m in international water so under the protection of international law and therefore you will not get a word of me.”

He said the captain of the boat was smart and turned off the engines as soon as IDF boarded the ship, which cost them hours to restart them again in order to take the boat to Ashdod port.

Ghattas said they arrived before sun set to the port, but IDF kept turning around till it got dark and than entered “ so that media can’t see how they hijacked the boat.”

 “I don’t regret taking part of Freedom Flotilla, if I have the chance I will repeat it again,” said Ghattas in a challenging tone.

“ We need those kind of initiatives, we need more Freedom Flotillas. Thanks to the Freedom Flotilla we raise awareness about the siege on Gaza and drag international attention to the Israeli crimes,” he concluded.