Missiles fired at hospital in Gaza

News Created 12/7 2014 at 16:25

Israel har fired warning missiles at the El-Wafa hospital in Gaza, says a group of international activists staying at the hospital in solidarity. Among them are also Charlie Andreasson activist from Ship to Gaza Sweden who has been in Gaza for almost a year working with the Gaza's Ark project

- We will stay with them in solidarity until the international community and our governments take action to stop Israel’s crimes against humanity, says Fred Ekblad, International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist.

The activists are from Sweden, USA, Spain, Venezuela, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. The hospital was hit by five missiles on two occations on friday, and two floores has been damaged.

- Windows and doors were blown out, and there's broken glass everywhere, says Joe Catron, american activist from the ISM.