Left MP Escanilla questions foreign minister Wallström

News Created 28/6 2018 at 18:09

Question put by Swedish member of parlament Jeannette Escanilla of the left party to the foreign minister Margot Wallström. In July this year three boats are sailing towards Gaza with the goal to break the illegal blockade carried out by Israel. The flotilla is bringing not only necessities, but also hope and solidarity to the people of Gaza. Ship to Gaza Sweden is once again taking part in organizing this journey and several Swedish citizens will be amongst the crew onboard the boats. Earlier attempts to reach the coast of Gaza have been stopped by Israeli forces whom have boarded the boats on international water, which is a crime against international law. Israel has never been met by any strong opposition to this by the Swedish Government. This is continuing to disappoint many of us who are working towards an end of this blockade. The people of Gaza have been suffering for a long time by the Israeli oppression. They are denied their human rights and the Israeli state takes any measures to control the Palestinians in Gaza. I beleive that the treatment they receive is without counterpart in the world today. The last incidents with the snipers' premeditated killings of Palestinians is yet another evidence of the inhuman treatment of a people suffering under a blockade. It is more relevant than ever to describe Gaza as "the world's largest prison". The youth in Gaza have never experienced freedom as they have spent all their life under the inhuman blockade. They speak of themselves as "living dead" and do not see any hope for the future. The blockade of Gaza must end. Considering the given situation, my question to the Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is: What does the foreign minister intend to do to show Israel how seriously Sweden views the blockade of Gaza and to prevent boardings and encroachments by the Israeli forces during this journey?