Jeannette Escanilla from Uppsala will sail to Gaza

News Created 3/9 2016 at 20:38

Jeannette Escanilla will be sailing as delegate with Women's Boat to Gaza (WBG) on the last leg from Messina to Gaza city. She is representing the left party of Sweden in the County council of Uppsala where she is vice chairperson of the committee for children and youth. She is also first subsider for the Swedish Parliament. 

"I have for a long time been working for the freedom of Palestine and visited the West Bank several times. In 2012 I was sailing with the Ship to Gaza-vessel Estelle, from Visby to Stockholm. It was a huge privilege to participate in one part of this trip of solidarity.
To have the possibility to join Women’s boat to Gaza is important in order to once again, with action, show the international solidarity which is so important for the people of Gaza. It is mainly women and children who are the victims of the siege. I sincerely hope that we  will succeed this time. To break the siege is arguably the most important step to stop the Israelis continuing oppression of the Palestinians.
Solidarity with Gaza! Together it´s possible for us to break the siege!"