Israeli Foreign Office demands UN to take action against Ship to Gaza

News Created 24/6 2015 at 22:00

The Israeli paper Israel Hayom declares Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs director-general Dore Gold has written a letter to the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in protest against the Freedom Flotilla (including Ship to Gaza) and their attempt to break the Israeli blockade against Gaza. Gold writes:

"It has come to our attention that a group called the 'Freedom Flotilla Coalition' is making its way to the Gaza Strip with the expressed intention of breaching the maritime blockade Israel has placed on the area. The reports indicate these ships are scheduled to reach the area near the Gaza Strip at the end of June. This may have dangerous ramifications, with the sole purpose of creating a provocation that would be in violation of international law,"

Gold continues saying that the maritime blockade is a legitimate defensive act to prevent the import of weapons to the Gaza Strip and urge on the international community “to send an unequivocal message to the organizers and participants of such provocations that these initiatives only fuel tension in the region. Israel has no interest in a confrontation, but it will enforce the blockade meant to prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip."

On the contrary, published for journal Haaretz, Schlomo Gazit- a general and former chief of the Israeli military intelligence, calls on the Israeli government not to intervene with the convoy, which doesn’t carry any weapons but instead wishes to turn the world’s attention to the 1,8 million Palestinians living in Gaza. Gazit writes that the control of import and export of goods from Gaza practically means a continuation of the occupation of the territory, which Israel claim has ceased.

Finally he adds:

"It is in our hands to decide and determine if the goal of the new ship will be achieved or not. It is in our hands to decide whether we will be smart and “weak” and simply ignore the ship, letting it reach Gaza. Then all the fuss over its trip here will dissipate. Or we can play into the hands of the activists on board and be “heroes,” but foolish ones. We will take over the ship and show the entire world that indeed it is not carrying weapons."