Constructive dialogue between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) and Ship to Gaza

News Created 16/8 2018 at 09:38

On Thursday, August the 9th, a meeting took place between Ambassador Ann Dismorr, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jeannette Escanilla, Chairman of Ship to Gaza, Dror Feiler, legal spokesman for StG and StG board member Jan Strömdahl. The meeting was also attended by co-workers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The starting point for the meeting was Margot Wallström's letter in response to StG, where she writes that ".... the behaviour of the Israeli authorities in relation to the Swedish flagged vessel Freedom and the persons on board lacks support in international law." Furthermore she states that "The government has also demanded that the ship, its cargo and the persons that were on board should be released." 

Firstly, we addressed the intensified situation in Gaza and the urgent need to get other countries and the UN to join in concrete support measures.

StG then described in closer detail how the hijacking took place and how our crew and participants had been treated. We discussed in which way the demand from the government could be strengthened if Israel refused to comply with it. We discussed mainly maritime and civil law actions, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will investigate closer for further action. 

A follow-up meeting will take place with the UD, when we at Ship to Gaza have compiled our final report of the hijacking of our boat "Freedom for Gaza". 

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