Benjamin Netanyahu had an uncomfortable Monday

News Created 23/6 2015 at 18:28

Initially the Israeli Prime Minister was forced to comment on the report from OHCHR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) which states the fact that Israel as well as Hamas has made them selves guilty of crimes against the human rights during the war in Gaza last summer.

During his speech before supporters of the party in Jerusalem, Netanyahu claims the report is prejudicial and that the UN organ doesn't advocate any human rights.

He rather trust in ”generals from the USA and Europe” who has said to the Prime Minister that no country works as hard to follow international laws as in fact - Israel.

Before an assembly of Jewish Agency officials, he thereafter attacked Ship to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla, the major trigger being Palestinian MK Basal Ghattas announcing his participation joining Ship to Gaza during the final stage of the journey to Gaza. 

Netanyahu calls the Freedom Flotilla ”a travesty of justice” and ”rape of truth” and continues shamelessly to imply that the occupying- and blockade-power Israel is ”one of the only forces who actually allows reconstruction of Gaza”.