Arrivals and departures

Arrivals and departures over Rafah

Arrivals and departures per month between the Gaza strip and Egypt over Rafah, 
July 2010 - March 2012. Source: Gisha - Legal Center for freedom of movement -

Arrivals and departures over Eretz

Departures per month from the Gaza strip to Israel over Eretz Jan 2010 - May 2012. Source: Gisha - Legal Center for freedom of movement

For example, to cross into Israel over the Eretz crossing is the only way allowed by Israeli authorities to travel from the Gaza strip to the West Bank. From the Fall of 2010 there has been a certain increase in the number of departures, mainly business people. The possibility for seriously ill persons to receive medical aid in Jerusalem or on the West Bank remain limited and is fenced in by an intricate and time-consuming application procedure. For other groups, such as students and people wanting to visit family on the West Bank, the possibilites are very slight.