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News The British aid organisation Oxfam has published a report about the situation in Gaza during September. Oxfam states that:
Press release The Right Livelihood Award Foundation decided on Thursday September 26 to award the human rights lawyer Raji Sourani the Right Livelihood Price, also known as the Alternative Nobel Price. Mr. Sourani is a resident of the Gaza Strip, and is the first Palestinian to ever receive the price.
News A good video that deals with the current situation at the Rafah border crossing, and puts it all into context. Also see: Ship to Gaza Sweden demands: Egypt, open Rafah now!
Press release Rafah, the only available crossing for ordinary Palestinians who wants to travel to or from the Gaza strip, has been virtually closed since 3 of July. The closure has devastating consequences for the everyday life of the Palestinians. Ill people can’t travel for treatments, students can’t reach their universities, and families are separated.
News Farhan Haq, Associate Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General, called during a press conference at Friday for the opening of all Rafah crossings "to legitimate imports and exports and movement of civilians.
News Bill Corcoran, President of the American aid organisation ANERA, providing health and education programs in Gaza, writes in Huffington Post 5th August about the hardened conditions for Palestinians in Gaza and the growing despair and frustration among the population:
News Maan News reports at 4th August that the authorities of Egypt have denied entry to Gaza for Turkish Prime minister Tayyip Erdogan.
News The Independent reports on sunday 30th June about the ongoing water crisis in Gaza.
News Last year, Charlie Andreasson attempted to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip as a hand onboard Ship to Gaza's schooner, Estelle. Now, he is helping prepare Gaza's Ark, which is set to break the blockade from the opposite direction.  
News On Saturday, the tv competition Arab Idol announced that Mohammed Assaf, a 23-year old Palestinian from one of Gaza's refuguee camps, is the final winner. The tv show has been seen by millions of viewers and Mohammed Assaf has gained great popularity with his modern rendition of traditional songs.
News Media around the world have reported that the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague have decided to investigate the events happening in relation to Israel’s military attack against the Freedom Flotilla in May, 2010. However, this is not the only legal process under way at the moment.
News The Israeli occupation and blockade authority COGAT ("Coordinator of Government activities in the Terrotories") has now clarified that the prohibited buffer zone in the Gaza Strip extends up to 300 meters in from the boundary fence and not 100 meters as previously often declared. Civilians who enters this zone is liable to be shot by the IDF.
Photo: IDF
News As of Thursday, the Gaza fishing zone is reduced from six to three nautical miles and the Kerem Shalom border crossing is closed, reports Ma'an News Agency. The restrictions are imposed as response to the rocket attacks at Israeli targets on Thursday morning. 
Press release The news tell us that the diplomatic relations between Isreal and Turkey are being normalized. Israel has issued an official apoplogy for the bloody raid against the activists on Ship to Gaza/The Freedom Flotilla in 2010, that took nine lives, and have agreed to compensate the victimims’ families.
A pro-Palestinian message on the graffiti wall at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
News The 9th Annual Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) started in the Gaza Strip on Saturday and will continue until this Thursday.