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News Dror Feiler, one of the spokespersons of Ship to Gaza Sweden, has recently visited Spain, where he has met with Spanish activists from Rumbo a Gaza. Together they have made plans for the arrival of S/V Estelle and the continuation of the action to break the siege on Gaza. Here are links to some of the media attention his journey and our action has created so far: Basque Country
News Ever since the attack on an Egyptian border checkpoint near Rafah on Sunday evening, Egypt, Israel and Hamas have been exchanging accusations. Both the Egyptian and Israeli governments blame the attack on Islamic extremists, whereas Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt hold Israel and its security services responsible.
News In a tv report on Tuesday, Palestine's Olympic Game runners Baha el Farra from Gaza and Woroud Sawalha from West bank is being interviewed and portraited by the CNN. 
Press release Onboard S/V Estelle in the port of Oslo Ship to Gaza´s spokesperson Ann Ighe met with the speaker of the Norwegian Parliament, Akhtar Chaudry:
News The UN body UNRWA, responsible for the welfare of Palestinian refugees in Gaza, announced at Friday that Germany has decided to make an additional donation two million euros for the UNRWA Emergency Appeal. 
News Armed gunmen attacked an Egyptian border checkpoint yesterday, Sunday, near the Rafah crossing to the Gaza Strip. After the attack, which killed 16 Egyptian soldiers, the perpetrators stole two armoured vehicles, which they used to try to force their way through what is known as the security barrier to Israel.
News When daily life in Gaza is characterized by unemployment, poverty, despair and frustration, women of Gaza gets a heavier burden at home. Conservative values about womens' role capacity and role in society are rising while women now, besides raising children, has to try make incomes for the family and at the same time support their husbands, who often suffer from depression.
News Now, for the third year in a row, Ship to Gaza is trying to make its contribution to the struggle aimed at breaking the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Press release At 4 p.m. on Tuesday 31 July Ship to Gaza will be introducing the passengers who will be sailing on the Estelle from Gothenburg to Oslo. These include the poet Jenny Wrangborg, the actor Sven Wollter and the author Henning Mankell.
News According to Palestinian Information Center the Jordanian Lifeline Committee started preparations for Ansar 3 aid convoy which is planned to travel to Gaza in September. "Ansar 3 convoy will leave from Jordan to Gaza in the second half of next September," Wael Al-Sakka, Jordanian Lifeline Committee Chairman and spokesperson said in a press release on Sunday.
News The Palestinian economy's recent growth is unsustainable because of its heavy reliance on foreign aid, a World Bank report said on Wednesday 25th of July. The report said sustainable growth will come only through an emphasis on trade, integration and creating a dynamic private sector.
News The Palestinian teacher Fidaa Abu Assi writes a chronicle for Media with conscience about the difficulties that Palestinian women in Gaza, who lacks an airport of their own, face when they try to get from Gaza to Egypt or Europe. The GazaInternational Airport has not had any flights since 2001.  
Press release Dror Feiler, a spokesman for Ship to Gaza, was attacked by unknown assailants on Friday night when he was on his way to the organization’s ship, Estelle, which is currently docked at Erikbergskaj in Gothenburg. The man or men attacked Feiler from behind, knocked him to the ground and kicked him several times before they left the scene.