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Press release Fantastic reception when the Estelle came to Guernica’s harbour town
News A strong sun and tropical heat baked San Sebastian Tuesday as Estelle stayed in her honorary seat among picturesque facades below the green mountain Urgul. The crew was still breathless and moved by the intensive reception Sunday morning.
Press release Around 11 o´clock CET Estelle called at San Sebastian. Her trip into the port was followed by hundreds of people with Basque and Palestinian flags on the mole and the shore and she was escorted by some twenty smaller boats and sea kayaks. The mayor of San Sebastian and the Palestinian ambassador to Spain were among the welcoming crowd.
News You can find perhaps no better example of the injustice and gross human rights violations than in Palestine and in Gaza, particularly, being perpetrated by the Israeli apartheid.
News On 7 August, 2012 the Israeli Supreme Court approved a state policy that prevents Muslims from the Gaza Strip from accessing holy sites in Israel and the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, during religious holidays. Six Muslim women from the Gaza Strip and the human rights organi
Press release Ship to Gaza is happy to present today, in cooperation with Gallery Tegen2, our own arts lottery. Some of the best artists in Sweden have donated pieces of art to be used as lottery prizes in the course of the Ship to Gaza journey towards Gaza and the aim to end the blockade once and for all.
Press release On Sunday August 19 around seven o’clock in the evening S/V Estelle anchored outside the small harbor town Douarnenez in Brittany, north-western France.
News The government of Egypt chose to close the Rafah crossing after the armed attacks on Egyptian soldiers at 5 aug. Today, only citizens of Arab and European countries are allowed to pass the crossing. Palestinians only get permission with huminatarian needs. As a consequence, Palestinans from Gaza have not been able to go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. 
News We have found the following story at the website of Palestinian Center for Human Rights:
News On Wednesday morning, 15 August – the Estelle’s name day in Sweden! – Dror Feiler from Ship to Gaza and Laura Arau from the Spanish Rumbo a Gaza landed in Santiago de Chile at the invitation of sympathisers with the Freedom Flotilla. There is a large Palestinian minority in Chile.
Press release The S/V Estelle is currently heading past Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands on its 5,000 nautical miles of voyage towards Gaza City and its objective of lifting th
News The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday that a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry had commented for the first time on this year’s Ship to Gaza action involving the S/V Estelle with a yawn: “One ship does not a flotilla make.”
Press release On Thursday Ship to Gaza and S/V Estelle put into Kristiansand. They were escorted on the final stretch into the harbour by small boats flying Palestinian flags. On the quay the Estelle was welcomed by about thirty sympathisers, who included Alf Holmelid, member of the Norwegian parliament, and the local media.
News In an article in the excellent Internet magazine +972, Israeli human rights activist Roi Maor provides an interesting analysis of the causal connections behind the terrorist attack against the Egyptian military post at Rafah on Sunday evening, which killed 16 soldiers and led to diplomatic complications between Israel, Egypt and the H
Press release Ship to Gaza and S/V Estelle sailed yesterday from Oslo after a successful and worldwidely observed visit in Oslo. It´s now bearing towards the next Norwegian destination, Kristiansand in southern Norway. On board is not only the ordinary crew but also a number of trainees who will profit by this stage to improve their naval abilities.