Is this a human being?

The campaign, ”Is this a human being?”, by Ship to Gaza and our partners in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition focus on the siege of Gaza and its ongoing violations of human rights. With the help of eight photos by the young Gazan photographer Eman Mohammed, we ask ourselves one, or two, simple questions:

Are palestinains in the Gaza Strip also human beings?

Why, then, are they denied their human rights?

The campaign consists of posters and postcards which are available on several main languages. Together with fact sheets on the consequences of the blockade, which you can find on our web site (the blockade consequences), you can use the posters to arrange exhibitions and make presentations. The postcards can be sent to whom you like, but preferably to people who are politically responsible for the blockade and its devastating effects on people´s life and hopes for justice and peace. Some of those people you can find here.

Svenska / English

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