Three Swedish delegates on Women’s Boat to Gaza

Press release Created 7/9 2016 at 15:19

Onboard Women´s Boat to Gaza, which will depart from Barcelona next week (Sept 14), three Swedish human rights activists will sail during the different legs:

Malin Björk has been a member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Left Party since 2014. Women's rights and refugee rights are top priorities in her political work. Prior to her political office, Malin Björk worked at the NGO European Women ́s Lobby for several years. Malin is also a strong advocate for LGBTI people ́s rights.

Paulina de los Reyes is professor of economic history at Stockholm University and chair of the Swedish Association for Gender Studies. Her main research areas are postcolonial feminism, critical race theory and working life studies. As a former political refugee from the Chilean dictatorship, she has an extensive experience of solidarity work and human rights activism being particularly engaged in the conditions of women in conflict situations:

   - After ten years of siege it is more important than ever to show our solidarity with the people in Gaza and to pressure an end to the inhuman blockade that imposed so much suffering to its population. As a scholar I know how vulnerable women are in war conditions. As an activist I have being inspired by the incredible capacity to resist of the Palestinian women. As a human being I cannot remain passive when the people of Gaza is being isolated, imprisoned and constantly exposed to the brutality of the illegal occupation of the state of Israel.

Jeannette Escanilla is representing the left party of Sweden in the County council of Uppsala county where she is vice chairperson of the committee for children and youth. She is also first substitute for the Swedish Parliament. Jeannette will be sailing as delegate with Women's Boat on the last leg from Messina to Gaza city. In 2012 Jeannette was sailing with the Ship to Gaza-vessel Estelle from Visby to Stockholm:

   - I´m happy for this opportunity to show international solidarity in action. It is mainly women and children who are the victims of the siege. Together it ́s possible for us to break the siege!

Women´s Boat to Gaza is the new action from Freedom Flotilla. Crew, delegates, activists and media are women from all over the world. The two boats leave Barcelona Sept 14 and are estimated to reach the shores of Gaza a couple of weeks later.

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