Ship to Gaza visits 40 cities this summer

Press release Created 21/7 2017 at 00:20

This summer, Ship to Gaza has planned two tours by boat and caravan to travel around and visit places around southern Sweden. Both to inform about next year's campaign Armada for Gaza, about the work of the organization and how to contribute and get involved in ending the siege on Gaza.

Armada for Gaza - armed with peace and solidarity is the slogan of our next attempt to lift the illegal blockade against Gaza, which has been ongoing for a decade. We have chosen to focus on Gaza's children and youth who are severely affected by occupation and the unsustainable situation in the area. More than 50 percent of the people in Gaza are children, of which those 10 years old and below already have experienced three wars where the majority suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. We believe that these children and youth have the same right to school, health, safety and security as others and we demand their right to human rights and belief in the future!

We are planning to buy four smaller and one larger sailboat, which together will sail in a peaceful armada from Sweden, through Europe with destination Gaza port.

Ship to Gaza is therefore pleased to announce that we bought the armadas first boat named after the peace activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire, who sailed with several flotillas to Gaza, most recently with Women's Boat to Gaza 2016.

During the summer's activities, we hope to inspire more people to engage and to raise money to buy the four remaining boats.

The program differs between the different places, but music performances, talks, lectures, street shows and photo exhibition will be a regular feature.

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