Ship to Gaza sails a fishing vessel to Gaza

Press release Created 8/4 2015 at 01:22

Marianne av Göteborg will break the blockade

Today, Wednesday april 8th, Ship to Gaza Sweden and Ship to Gaza Norway announces the purchase of ”Marianne av Göteborg”*, a trawler of 85 GT, which will be used at this summer’s action to break the illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza strip. It is no coincidence that Ship to Gaza will sail a fishing vessel this time. The blockade of the coastal strip, now on its ninth year, bereaves the besieged Palestinians of freedom of movement and trade, medicine and food security, education and hope for the future. Palestinian fishermen, who are forbidden by Israeli occupational authorities to move outside a zone of three (3) nautical miles, are harassed on a daily basis, shot at and repeatedly gets their boats confiscated.

This spring, Marianne will sail from Scandinavia to the East Mediterranean, where she will join other boats from Freedom Flotilla Coalition, on her way to Gaza. In order for the Palestinian State now recognised by Sweden to work, and to achieve a just peace, the following is required:

  1. An immediate end to the blockade
  2. An opening of Gaza’s Port
  3. Secure passages between the West Bank and the Gaza strip

*Marianne av Göteborg is named after Marianne Skoog, a veteran within the Swedish Palestine Solidarity movement, who passed away in May 2014.

Invitation to Press conference, at 12 A.M. CET April 8th, by our new boat, Marianne av Göteborg, who is moored at veteranbåtsbryggan, Sjömagasinet, Klippan, Adolf Edelsvärds gata, Göteborg, Sweden.