Parliamentary Conference: On the impact of the blockade on the women of Gaza - with the women who challenged the blockade

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Note: Correct adress for prior notfikation to Press Conference is or call Staffan Granér att +46703549687

  • Förstakammarsalen, Parliament house, Stockholm  17/5, Kl. 10-15
  • Press Conference in Förstakammarsalen  at 15.30

Meet among others:

Mairead Maguire: Peace activist and Nobel peace Prize laureate from Northern Ireland that sailed on Women's Boat to Gaza in 2016.

Ann Wright: American Retired Colonel and Diplomat that was Boat Leader on Women's Boat to Gaza 2016.

Eva-Lena Jansson: Swedish MP (s) and Council of Europe Delegate, who wrote the COE report on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Women's Boat to Gaza

In the summer of 2016, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, including Ship to Gaza Sweden, initiated the Women's Boat to Gaza campaign. About 30 women from 17 nations sailed from Barcelona to the eastern Mediterranean to confront the illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip. When they reached waters 35 nautical miles from Gaza their boat Zaytuna was boarded by units from the Israeli navy. The activists on board were detained for later expulsion and the vessel was seized. Women's Boat to Gaza did not reach its ultimate goal, but once again the eyes of the world was set on the destructive blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Parliamentary Conference

Women's Boat to Gaza aimed to highlight the severe consequences that the blockade causes women and children and the key role that Palestinian women plays a in community organization and mobilization.
Therefore, on Wednesday, May 17th, 10.00 - 15.00, Ship to Gaza Sweden organizes a conference in the Swedish Parliament House in Stockholm (Riksdagshuset) that focuses on the situation of women under the blockade and discusses how Palestinian human rights in the Gaza strip can be defended.

The speakers come from many countries. Several of them were delegates onboard of Zaytuna during the campaign.

Press conference

At 3.30 pm a press conference with the participants is held in Förstakammarsalen in the Parliament House

Since the press conference is held in the Parliament's premises, prior notification is required. Send notification to

For interview with participants contact Staffan Granér: 

Phone: +46703549687


10:15-10:45 Entrance open/ Coffe/Tea

11:00-11:10 Jonas Sjöstedt - Chair of the Left Party - Welcome Speech

11:10-11:15 Jeannette Escanilla - Chair of Ship to Gaza Sweden, WBG participant - Opening speech

11: 15-11:20 Ann Ighe – Moderator, former spokes person Ship to Gaza

11:20-11:50 Samar Awadullah – (PLO) consultant of the Palestinian Negotiation Support Unit and Communications Advisor

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45-13:00 Victoria Strand – Doctor and 2010 flottilla participant. The situation for women in Gaza – Focus on health care

13:00-13:20 Eva-Lena Jansson (Swedish Social Democratic Party) MP and member of The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly presenting her Report on the humanitarian situation in Gaza

13:20-13:55 Women`s Boat To Gaza participants

  • Ann Wright – USA, Boat leader on WBG, former diplomat and colonel in the US Army, - To break the blockade
  • Mairead Maguire – Irland, Peace activist, Nobel Prize Laureate 1976. - Ships to Gaza as a peace process

Short break

14:05-14:45 Panel with the women on Women`s Boat To Gaza. - Human Rights for women in Gaza – What can we do and what can our governements do?

Questions from the audience.

14:45-15:00 Conclusions and Resolution

15:30 Press Conference