Confirmed that Swedish SY/Freedom for Gaza id seized by the Israeli navy

Press release Created 4/8 2018 at 00:42

We now have confirmed information that S/Y Freedom to Gaza have been boarded on international waters, by Israeli navy. Latest reported position was about 40 nautical miles of the coast of Gaza at 8.06 pm.

Onboard Freedom for Gaza was a crew of twelve persons from five different countries. They are now captured and taken to Israel against their will (For full list follow this link). The boat also carries a cargo of medical supplies.

In this situation, the demands of Ship to Gaza are that the ship with its crew and cargo will be returned to the site of the boarding, and that they will be allowed to go in peace through international and Palestinian waters in accordance to international law. In effect, this is a demand that the eleven years-long illegal and destructive blockade on Gaza will be lifted at last. The government of Sweden have repeatedly stood behind demands on a lifting of the blockade. We now expect that the same government, in the capacity of flag nation of the attacked vessel, will also support our specific demands regarding the ship, crew and cargo.

For more information, contact:
Jeanette Escanilla +46709327210
Dror Feiler +46702855777