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  • The blockade needs to be ended, not eased
    The blockade of Gaza has been ongoing for almost four years, despite protests from all around the world
  • World leaders are failing - we will not
    As human beings, we cannot stand by silently while witnessing what the blockade is doing to the people of Gaza; therefore we will act.

  • We need your help
    We need your help to break the blockade once and for all, and to ensure that the human rights and human dignity of the people of Gaza are respected.

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We are setting sail again - help us end the siege on Gaza!

Ship to Gaza will soon set sail for Gaza again - this time with Womens Boat to Gaza! Your help is needed to end the blockade. We aim to gather five hundred thousand kronor (54 000€) to yet again equip, man and sail a vessel with supplies to Gaza. Would you like to help us?

Lets end the siege on Gaza once and for all! Would you like to help us?

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Press release The Women's Boat to Gaza, a project of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, has acquired its first boat.  Amal-Hope, will set sail from Barcelona on 14 September.   The boat will carry  women who plan to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza.
Press release The Women’s Boat to Gaza, a campaign of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition conducted its meetings over the past weekend to discuss and further plans to set sail towards Gaza in mid-September with all women delegates and crew. In doing so we raise the issue of the ongoing illegal blockade of Gaza.
Press release As we earlier informed the remaining captives who was detained after the hijack of the trawler Marianne will be deported in rounds during this coming Sunday and Monday. We can now announce following flight routes and arrival times:
Press release At 3PM this afternoon Ship to Gazas lawyer informed that they have reached an agreement regarding the deportation of the remaining Swedish captives from the Israeli hijack of the trawler Marianne av Göteborg. The six pearsons are
Press release Ship to Gaza’s Israeli lawyer Gabi Lasky informed about 4PM today that additionally three of those detained when the fishing trawler Marianne of Gothenburg was hijacked on international waters, will be deported early tomorrow morning.
Press release Foreign Ministry of Sweden informs they have presented a protest against Israel as a result of the boarding of Ship to Gaza fishing trawler Marianne while travelling through international waters on it’s way to Gaza.
Press release The hijacked Ship to Gaza trawler Marianne of Gothenburg, Israeli web paper Ynet reports, anchored at the Israeli port in Ashdod this evening,  just before 21.00PM (Swedish time).

Dagbok Från Gaza av Charlie Andreass

Ur Henning Mankells förord:

Charlie Andreasson är en sjöman från Styrsö. Under ett helt år från hösten 2013 arbetade han i Gaza stads hamn med att renovera en fiskebåt som skulle trotsa blockaden inifrån. Projektet hade namnet Gazas ark. Sabotage och bomber under kriget sensommaren 2014 sänkte den förhoppningen.  Om den erfarenheten har Charlie skrivit denna dagbok som förlaget Korpen nu gett ut. I den enskilda solidaritetsinsatsen finns alltid mycket att lära. Alltså: läs!

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En folkbildningsaktion från ABF för att fokusera på och bidra till att befria Palestina, Israel och världen från ockupationen. Framtagen i samarbete med Ship to Gaza

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