Press release Messina, Italy – There is adage that says “Hope springs eternal.” This was personified today when the Amal-Hope II entered Messina port to join her sister Zaytouna-Oliva. According to Zohar Chamberlain-Regev, a boat leader for the  Messina-Gaza leg, “while Amal-Hope II showed up fashionably late, she is fully ready to join us on our next leg of the journey.”  Ann Wright, who is the other boat leader, said that she was incredibly moved by the generous outpouring of help in the purchase of this second boat. “We are all incredibly grateful and know that this second boat is important to help with...
We are setting sail again - help us end the siege on Gaza!

Ship to Gaza will soon set sail for Gaza again - this time with Womens Boat to Gaza! Your help is needed to end the blockade. We aim to gather seven hundred thousand kronor (74 000€) to yet again equip, man and sail a vessel with supplies to Gaza. Would you like to help us?

Lets end the siege on Gaza once and for all! Would you like to help us?

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Press release Messina, Italy – There is adage that says “Hope springs eternal.” This was personified today when the Amal-Hope II entered Messina port to join her sister Zaytouna-Oliva.
Press release During a visit in Sweden, rock legend Patti Smith declares her wholeheartedly support for Women´s Boat to Gaza. In a video published on Youtube Smith says she is supporting the women on board the Zaytouna-Oliva who in solidarity with their sisters in Gaza are determined to break the inhuman blockade.
Press release 13 September, 2016 On Wednesday 14 September, the latest Freedom Flotilla Coalition will set sail from Barcelona to Gaza, aiming to arrive by 1 October. This year the mission Women's Boat to Gaza (WBG), on two boats named 'Amal-Hope and Zaytouna-Oliva, will carry out a humanitarian mission to send a message of hope and solidarity to the people of Gaza.
Press release Onboard Women´s Boat to Gaza, which will depart from Barcelona next week (Sept 14), three Swedish human rights activists will sail during the different legs:
News Malin Björk has been a member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Left Party since 2014. Women's rights and refugee rights are top priorities in her political work. Prior to her political office, Malin Björk worked at the NGO European Women´s Lobby for several years. She is also a strong advocate for LGBTI people´s rights.
News Paulina de los Reyes is professor of economic history at Stockholm University and chair of the Swedish Association for Gender Studies. Her main research areas are postcolonial feminism, critical race theory and working life studies.
News Jeannette Escanilla will be sailing as delegate with Women's Boat to Gaza (WBG) on the last leg from Messina to Gaza city. She is representing the left party of Sweden in the County council of Uppsala where she is vice chairperson of the committee for children and youth.

Dagbok Från Gaza av Charlie Andreass

Ur Henning Mankells förord:

Charlie Andreasson är en sjöman från Styrsö. Under ett helt år från hösten 2013 arbetade han i Gaza stads hamn med att renovera en fiskebåt som skulle trotsa blockaden inifrån. Projektet hade namnet Gazas ark. Sabotage och bomber under kriget sensommaren 2014 sänkte den förhoppningen.  Om den erfarenheten har Charlie skrivit denna dagbok som förlaget Korpen nu gett ut. I den enskilda solidaritetsinsatsen finns alltid mycket att lära. Alltså: läs!

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En folkbildningsaktion från ABF för att fokusera på och bidra till att befria Palestina, Israel och världen från ockupationen. Framtagen i samarbete med Ship to Gaza

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