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  • The blockade needs to be ended, not eased
    The blockade of Gaza has been ongoing for almost four years, despite protests from all around the world
  • World leaders are failing - we will not
    As human beings, we cannot stand by silently while witnessing what the blockade is doing to the people of Gaza; therefore we will act.

  • We need your help
    We need your help to break the blockade once and for all, and to ensure that the human rights and human dignity of the people of Gaza are respected.

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Ship to Gaza is a grassroots movement. We need your help to continue our efforts to break the blockade of Gaza

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News In light of global health restrictions on travel and public gatherings, the Freedom Flotilla Coalition has decided to delay our planned departure towards Gaza.
News On Thursday, August the 9th, a meeting took place between Ambassador Ann Dismorr, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jeannette Escanilla, Chairman of Ship to Gaza, Dror Feiler, legal spokesman for StG and StG board member Jan Strömdahl. The meeting was also attended by co-workers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Press release Ship to Gaza has now received an answer to the open letter that we, through our chairman Jeanette Escanilla, have sent to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström on August 5:th.
Press release We have now recived information that all the remaining captives who was detained after the hijack of the Swedish SY/Freedom for Gaza will be deported from Israel during the day. Most of them are already in transfer.
News Norwegian flag Al-Awda and Swedish flag Freedom for Gaza have been attracted to the media. The two smaller Swedish sailboats, Mairead and Falestine have lessened attention after police escorts through Paris. Mairead took part to Palermo, but stayed there because we could not find a willing and competent crew.
News To the Foreign Minister of Sweden; Margot WallströmTo the Prime Minister of Sweden; Stefan Löfven
Press release We now have confirmed information that S/Y Freedom to Gaza have been boarded on international waters, by Israeli navy. Latest reported position was about 40 nautical miles of the coast of Gaza at 8.06 pm.
Press release At 8:06 PM (CEST) we lost contact  with the sailing yacht Freedom for  Gasa on a mission to break the blockade of the Gaza strip. We have reason to presume that the Israeli Navy has now begun to attack it and that it has been surrounded in International Waters The latest reported position was about 40 nautical miles from the cost of Gaza.